Fire Doors

Take precautions against risks with the Fire Door

One of the most important threats to human life in buildings is fire hazard. In case of fire situations that may occur inside the building, besides the building endurance, the choice of doors where the evacuation is carried out is also extremely important to prevent risks. In case of a fire, the first thing that comes to mind before financial damage is the evacuation of the people in the building through safe ways. In case of an evacuation, the practical opening of the doors used in the escape routes, fire resistance, special fire-resistant handles become important.


Pensa fire door is specially designed to facilitate the safe evacuation of people inside the building in case of a fire. Until the fire brigade crew intervening the fire reach the scene, specially produced fire doors facilitate the evacuation of people and allow them to survive. The fire door separates the area burned during a fire and creates the best barricade to prepare safe zones. Since it is manufactured specifically for fire, it has a high temperature resistant feature. Therefore, it is vital to ensure the safety of life and property. 

Fire door is the most important passive fire protection system especially for situations where many people are in the building at the same time, such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls and hotels. In order to create the best firewall in case of a fire, fire doors with such important functions must be manufactured in accordance with international safety standards. Pensa fire door is produced in international standards of which safety is measured by tests. It provides fire safety where it is used. In case of a the fire, Pensa fire doors create a firewall between the fire place and safe zone and prevent the growth of the flames in a certain period of time, while facilitating the passage of people to the safe zone.


There are many advantages that make the Pensa fire door different among its counterparts. Production at international standards, use of quality materials, product and accessory harmony are among the production advantages of the door. When Pensa assembly and service quality are added to quality production, the doors become even more secure. Pensa fire door models provide great protection for safety of life and property in case of a fire that may occur in buildings, and support the projects of construction companies with advantageous fire door prices. It provides an extra contribution to projects with the best quality, expertise, fast deadlines and assembly support.

The panic bar makes it very easy to escape in case of a fire with its practical use and opening. The panic bar in the middle of the fire door is protected against overheating. The fire frame and wing have aesthetic integrity with their special section design. The fire seal applied to the seal area on the frame stands out with its high heat resistance. Safety pins are placed on the hinge side of the wings for normal use. Full air tightness is provided in the frame surrounding the door.

Fire door prices will make your project gain

It is mandatory to use fire doors for security in many social areas such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, public buildings. With our expertise in Pensa, we also contribute to the projects with the prices of fire doors we produce according to the international standards. We facilitate the work of contracting companies with certifications that are extremely important for the acceptance of the project. We support them with our expertise. The best quality products in accessories such as frame, wing, hinge, lock, arm, seal, panic arm are gathered in Pensa products and are among the services included in the fire door prices.


Considerations in compliance with the fire door standards

  • Standard dimensions of the emergency door
  • Mandatory accessories that must be on the emergency door
  • Fire resistance time of the emergency door
  • Special accessory preferences
  • Color of emergency door

Together with compliance with the standards, optional application preferences determine the prices of fire doors. You can be sure that you will make the right choice by choosing Pensa expertise in the emergency exit fire doors of your project. Our expert support will always be assist you in the application of the fire door of your project in accordance with the standards.