We offer multialternative door models to your taste with the quality assurance of Pensa, the leading manufacturer of the door and window industry. Each of the Pensa door models stands out with its innovative style, modern appearance and superiority in terms of quality. Prepared with new generation technologies in modern facilities with the best material selection, the doors will offer you the feeling of confidence on closing and peace on opening.

Our door models that add value to Sudan’s new architectural structures include steel doors, wood and coated room doors, glass doors and fire door models with special security. We recommend our doors, each modeled and produced for different usage areas, with the expertise of Pensa that best suits your building. Especially homes and workplaces, all buildings gain elegance and door entrances meet comfort thanks to the doors preferred with expert suggestions.

Room doors are in Pensa with multialternative outstanding models

The doors prepared in integrated facilities where Europe’s largest room doors are produced in the industry, are special to your building with the Pensa brand. Room doors with a special PVC surface coating on both sides are also resistant to moisture. It is supported with a special honeycomb system for shock absorption in its inner filling and the surface thickness of the PVC sheet coating is 2mm. In all PVC coated room door models, the casings are prepared to be attached to the frame from both sides. The best selling outstanding colors are offered to your taste in these models.

MDF door model suitable for laser pattern application is another alternative product offered by Pensa for room doors. Have an exclusive door with the choice of a special pattern specific for you in the MDF door model, where the desired pattern can be embroidered on the door with an 8mm laser system. Moreover, the advantage of producing different sizes suitable for your home without sticking to the standard size is the privilege you will find in Pensa MDF door.

Another alternative to Pensa room door is the panel-covered door with design features that will meet your expectations. With the panel-covered room door system, you can make the rooms of your home look beautiful at the most affordable panel door prices.



The breathtaking natural beauty of wood is at your home with Meranti Room Door

Pensa Meranti Room door offers you the best door collection with the strength and endurance gained by wood. Meranti door adds quality and comfort to villas and residences, and commercial workplaces. The most outstanding door models, eye-catching colors, durability and the natural beauty of wood are all together for you at the Pensa Meranti door.

Your home is completely safe with Steel Door

The steel door offered to you with the expertise and quality assurance of Pensa is special for you with its long-lasting endurance and outstanding models. Steel door models produced in European standards stand out with their aesthetic designs and confidence they offer. In hot weather, it preserves the vitality of the first day for many years. Pensa steel door is applied by choosing the coatings of distinguished brands on its surface for the best endurance. The security is provided at the best level with the use of the best materials in the interior filling steel of the steel door, which is not visible to the customers. With the Pensa steel door, you can safely close the door of your home and workplace and open it peacefully.

Meet the comfort with the Glass Door system


Being used to add elegance to the spaces in modern architectural designs, glass door is especially preferred in business centers and offices. It is also used in kitchen and balcony doors in villas and houses. With glass doors, interior spaces meet natural luminousness and achieve more spacious and peaceful environments. Divided narrow offices arouse a sense of spaciousness with the use of glass door models, making employees comfortable and giving comfort. You can get detailed information about glass door models by calling Pensa sales office.

Fire Door - safety at your hands

One of the door models that Pensa offers to the buildings with its expertise in the industry is Fire Door. The fire door produced in international security standards is used in many areas such as school and hospital buildings, business centers, public buildings. In case of a fire, Pensa doors reduce the risk and connects you to life with its high heat resistance time and ergonomics that facilitate human evacuation. 

You can contact us to get information about many door models specific to different usage areas produced with Pensa expertise. Pensa quality and expertise are with you together with its room door and steel door price advantages.