Room Doors

Open your home and workplace to comfort with the best room doors

Meet your home with comfort thanks to the best room doors offered with the industry’s leading brand expertise and quality assurance. Let the quality that makes your home and workplace privileged come and let the spaces meet with comfort. Among the outstanding room door models of Pensa, there are many alternative models in attractive colors.

The room door always arouses interest as it creates a special compartment opening to different rooms in the interior. This interest makes all heads turn on these room doors. It appeal to the eye , so its elegance, quality and beauty are noticeable. It complements interior architectural design with decoration. While the negative impression narrows the spirit with the heavy atmosphere in the place and makes it uneasy, its beauty is immediately noticeable.

Pensa room door models gladden your heart and creates a door which opens to peace thanks to its charm. It makes a stylish touch to the decoration of the lounges, rooms or office work environments.

Room Doors

Beautify your home with the right door selection

Beautify your home by making the right door preference for one of the most functional decors of the house, which facilitates the moving from one room to another. When making this important choice, you should first consider the architectural harmony between the door model and your home. Thereafter, it will be easier for you to choose the most compatible model for your home from the room doors prepared with the use of different materials. You will find the most suitable model for your building in the exterior and interior room doors produced with Pensa expertise. Our experts are always ready to help you to make for the most accurate choice in door selection. 

Outstanding room door model alternatives at Pensa

With a wide range of color and model alternatives on the room door, main models of Pensa doors include PVC coated doors, MDF doors, panel covered doors and Meranti room doors. Each of them adds elegance and beautifies your home where they are applied with their modern styles and special colors.

Pensa PVC coated room door

Beautify your home with the right door selection

PVC coated composite door is used for years with its special double-sided coating of 2mm thickness, without losing its vitality of the first day. It is used without the need for painting with its special non-wear coating. It doesn’t allow the formation of moisture caused by the wetness. Since they don’t require maintenance, PVC doors are among the most preferred room door models. It provides the best solution for different preferences with its solid color and wood pattern coating appearances. Since it is moisture-proof and stainproof, it provides ease of cleaning for housewives. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth in a very practical way without wearing it. Being filled with cellular materials reinforced with impact endurance between PVC sheets, the composite door has the best resistance and sound insulation. Special casings for the door model can be attached to the door frame on both sides.

The most special product quality produced in PVC coated composite door model awaits you with the most affordable room door prices.

You choose your favorite pattern on the MDF door, we apply it specially for you

With a model suitable for laser pattern (8mm) processing, choose a special pattern for your preference with MDF door and apply it to your door. Every model you like in MDF door can be produced in any size you want. With this advantage, your choice will be easier with narrow or wide door options. Be the determiner in the decoration of your home with this model where we will find special colors and patterns to your taste. 

MDF room door is among the most preferred door models with its elegance and classiness as well as its ageless strength. Special textured MDF coated doors, pressed in bleeding-edge technology machines, are preferred in villas and houses as well as office doors.

Panel door prices will disburden your budget

Beautify your home with the most affordable door price with the panel covered door system that will meet your expectations with its quality and stylish appearance. With the budget it saves, the panel door keeps you comfortable while protecting your budget.

The naturalness of wood at Meranti Door

It continues to decorate the spaces with the natural wooden Meranti Door, which adorns the spaces with its indispensable beauty for years. The strength, endurance and beauty of wood is reflected in your home with the Pensa Meranti room door. Would you like to take a look at the room doors with beautiful design and quality?