Pensa Door 330 Series


Exclusive to Sudan from Europe's largest door production facility

330 fumed oak interior room doors were produced exclusively for Pensa quality in Europe’s largest door integrated facility. With the application of 2mm special thickness PVC coating on the both surfaces, 330 room doors have a durable surface resistance. It is among the best door models that are moisture-resistant. With its special PVC coating, the paint preserves its first-day surface appearance for many years without requiring maintenance. It is the favorite of housewives for its stain-proof feature and ease of cleaning.

Produced in modern facilities using next generation technologies, 330 model room door combine the naturalness of wood and the strength of composite PVC material. Appealing door models with the best quality and durability emerge.

330 PVC Coated Wooden Composite Door Features:
Wing: PVC sheet of 2mm thickness is prepared by covering the wooden bar with 0.2mm film PVC foil. Perforated craft honeycomb is used in the interior filling of the door panel.

Frame and casing: Wood composite material was used in the CRP system and the high density polyurethane filling was covered with a special E1 quality glue, and PVC foil. Door casings can be adjusted to be attached to the frame in both directions.

General features of PVC Coated Door:

  • The surface of PVC doors is easily cleaned.
  • It doesn’t require paint or similar maintenance.
  • It is highly resistant to moisture.
  • Its sound insulation performance is high.
  • When closed, it saves energy by keeping the room cool in the best way.
  • It can be used with wood and aluminum applications.
  • Since PVC materials contain chlorine, it prevents flame transmission in case of fire risks.
  • Kasa Eni10cm-12cm
  • Kanat Genişliği80cm
  • Menteşe3 Menteşe
  • Kol TipiKartal Kol Rozetli
  • Kasa PervazıStandart Pervaz