Panel Covering Door

Panel door prices will disburden your budget

The panel covered room door will bring your space together with comfort with its modern appearance specific for many years. With the affordable budget thanks to the technological production, panel door prices will save you from paying more for comfort and also save you money. The most beautiful room door models that will gain your appreciation with a variety of models and pattern alternatives await you.

Reflecting the new trend in modern homes, panel doors are among the most preferred doors with a wide variety of models and affordable prices. It is special for you with its affordable price, ease of cleaning, preventing germs and bacteria, different color options. Because it is light, indoor use is very practical and enjoyable thanks to its endurance. 

Being produced with special filling to increase the endurance between the bidirectional panels, the panel system room doors also have the feature of isolating the sound. This system, which is applied with special machines, increases the strength of panel doors while making it very affordable with the advantage of mass production. 

Bidirectional opening feature at panel room door model

The panel room door model is designed in a way to be opened in both directions, and it provides more functional use for the rooms of the house according to the furniture arrangement. It facilitates to make your choice with its color alternatives and pattern options. With its bright ageless surface, you can clean practically with the help of a cloth. It contributes to the creation of very clean spaces and adds aesthetics and elegance to your rooms.

You can use the panel room doors presented to you with the quality assurance of Pensa for many years without losing their first day appearance. Moreover, the best quality, the most beautiful, the most affordable room door prices are special for you.