Meranti Door

The naturalness of wood is reflected in your home

With Pensa Meranti Door, the naturalness of wood is reflected in your home, and quality and elegance come to your room doors. Innovative models, outstanding designs, durable and strong door collection await you at Pensa to add beauty to your home. Meranti door adds comfort to the doors of houses, workplaces, offices, schools, hospitals, public buildings, etc. with the use for many years. Get this outstanding door special for you once and use it at ease for many years.


Do not lock your room in classic dimensions

Pensa Meranti Door can be produced in special sizes. This advantage of the room door offers you the convenience of making a special-sized door for your space. Whether narrow or large, natural wooden door models at the height you want are at the Meranti door. We make your interior room doors with our expertise in Pensa and you use them safely for many years. Moreover, you can benefit room door prices suitable for your budget. 

Let your room breathe

The natural wooden door contributes to your breathing by removing the moisture that you don’t notice accumulated in your room thanks to its breathing structure. With the effect of the hot air, the high humidity accumulated in the house is filtered out through the wooden room door. It doesn’t allow the formation of mold and unpleasant odors in the room.

Long-lasting renewable system


Made of dried wood, the natural wood Meranti door has a long-lasting use. It protects the environment with its natural feature and contributes significantly to renewable environmental awareness. It offers peace and comfort to you with the most suitable material for human nature. It protects human health with its naturalness.

Pensa offers the newest room door models to your taste. The endurance of the wood, its natural healthy condition, its soothing feature that relaxes the soul are special for you with its first quality superiorities. Numerous outstanding room door models with perfect surface appearance are ready to beautify your home in Pensa showrooms.