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Products Special To Sudan in PVC Window Systems


Pensa PVC Window Systems are specially designed and produced considering Sudan’s construction architecture and climate characteristics. When looked from the exterior, all PVC window models produced by Pensa bring the building a modern look. At the same time, our products offer the best comfort in indoor use with their ergonomics.

Bringing together aesthetics, quality, comfort and ergonomics in every building it is used, Pensa PVC window products add value to Sudan’s new modern architecture buildings, especially in Khartoum. The advantages that make Pensa window products different are immediately noticed from the outer view to the interior support profile, from the use of leak-proof quality gaskets to the full-length espagnolette lock system, to all accessory details. With these advantages, it adds value to all buildings such as homes, workplaces and offices.

The best energy saving in air conditioning with Pensa PVC Window products

Pensa PVC Window products, which are specially developed considering the average temperature of 40 C on many days of the year in Sudan, always offer the customers with the best energy savings they provide in air conditioning with the high insulation performance. Pensa minimizes the energy consumption of window air conditioners with its lock technology that provides full closing and its special gasket system that doesn’t allow air circulation. It provides the best level of coolness even in unbearably hot weather in homes, offices and other work areas.

Pensa PVC Window products provide full protection against sandstorms.
Equipped with leak-proof systems against sandstorms which negatively affect the pace of life caused by the desert climate, Pensa PVC window system provides full protection. The dust outside which prevents breathing created by the sandstorm coming from the Sahara Desert cannot penetrate into buildings where Pensa window products are used. When the window is closed, the chaos caused by the storm, dust and noise outside turns into a comfortable environment without any problems. This protection against dust provides the same protection by not letting the water in where tropical rains are seen in the south of our country.

Dust enters the building mostly through window and door areas during a sandstorm. The dust entering through conventional window systems causes the furniture in the house to wear out in a short time and reduces the service life. 




Long life technology in Pensa Window
Pensa windows have the best level of endurance against solar rays. The heat resistance tests of the pvc profiles produced with the use of special technologies have been carried out and they always maintain their endurance without being affected by the solar rays even in the hottest climate. The reinforcement sheets used in the profiles contribute to this endurance and guarantee the long-lasting use of the windows.

Extra protection thanks to the reflective glass system used in PVC Windows at Pensa

Pensa also applies reflective glass in its windows depending on customer preferences. Reflective glass controls the heat and light received from the sun. Reflective glass system refracts sun light coming directly at vertical angles and reflects it to the outside with a mirror effect. Thus, the effect of the unbearable heat caused by the sun in homes and workplaces is minimized. It contributes to provide coolness easily by operating air conditioners or fans interiors with the least energy. Interior coolness is always maintained with the reflective glass system.

Small window applications, which have to be preferred in order to minimize the excessive heat caused by sun light in the conventional Sudanese architecture, are replaced with more spacious spaces prepared with wider windows by the use of Pensa reflective glass system.


Reflective glass also contributes to the protection of your home and workplace privacy. With this glass system that acts as a mirror, the interiors are prevented from being seen from the outside during the day.

Get the best with PVC Window Prices
When evaluating the price of your residence and workplace investments, make your decision based on the long-term earnings calculation, not instant. PVC Window prices will make you save for many years not only when you purchase, but also during the use. With its many advantages, such as its long-lasting structure that is the most resistant to impacts and sun light, and its energy-saving technology with its high isolation, always get the best profit with Pensa Window prices.