uPVC Door

PVC Door adds value to new buildings with its endurance and ease of maintenance


The PVC Door system has been designed and developed to add value, endurance and ease of maintenance to modern architectural structures. PVC door model is used in all living spaces in buildings, especially in residences, offices and workplaces. Balcony doors takes place on the top among the areas where this innovative door system is most preferred. It stands out with its practical use. Apart from the balconies, it is also preferred as a toilet and bathroom door in residences and workplaces. Since PVC door isn’t affected by water in wet areas, it is very easy to use. This door model isn’t affected by wetness that can be experienced in the bathrooms and toilets. Humidity, corrosion and similar deformations experienced in wooden doors don’t pose a problem in the PVC door model Moreover, it doesn’t require maintenance for many years.

A common issue in other door models, the need for painting at certain intervals isn’t required in this model. Its original distinctive paint preserves its vitality for many years. It doesn’t become deformed over the years. It is very easy to clean. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. As it is cleaned, it regains its vitality and brightness of the very first day.

PVC Door is also preferred as an office room door, especially in workplaces, with its long endurance that doesn’t require paint. It is suitable for heavy use. Opening and closing is very practical compared to other door models. Quiet and easy opening and closing brings the superiority of comfort. The lock system has a quality mechanism and it is suitable for long years of smooth use. The handle accessory used in the door is integrated with the PVC door product and also has a very aesthetic appearance. Closed surfaces without glass are reinforced with decorative plates against impact to gain endurance. It is produced with the feature of double-sided opening and closing. The opening can be determined based on the architectural design of the house or workplace. As the PVC door can be opened inside, it also has the advantage of opening to the outside in case of limited space. PVC sliding door model is another preferred door model in opening. PVC sliding door system provides a special comfort of use, especially in narrow spaces.

PVC door model is produced in white color specific for it as standard. We strongly recommend you to consult with Pensa sales representative for color alternatives such as golden oak to make a contribution for special architectural designs.



Resistance to solar rays in Pensa PVC Door

Developed and produced considering the high hot climate conditions of Sudan, Pensa PVC Door is resistant to solar rays. It shows its endurance by preserving its form even in the hot months when UV rays are in their most vertical angle. Good quality material is used in the hinge system, which is one of the important accessories of our PVC door model. It has a superior feature that can be opened and closed for many years. For hinge maintenance, we recommend to regularly lubricate the hinges for an average of 6 months in order for your door to work better and quieter. 
Arched system applications can also be carried out with Pensa PVC door model, which brings solutions to classical designs as well as modern architecture. The arch system gives aesthetic elegance to buildings such as circular buildings and mosques.


PVC door system also makes an extra contribution to building insulation. Insulation is increased by applying double glazing in the window areas used on the door. Likewise, closed body areas of PVC also have a feature that doesn’t allow air circulation. It preserves the cool air created by instruments such as air conditioners in the indoor environment by not taking it out. Likewise, it contributes to the coolness by preventing the movement of hot air from outside.


Advantages with PVC Door prices at Pensa

Pensa brings you the advantage in PVC door prices with its experience and expertise in the PVC industry. Regardless of your project is residential or workplace project, we recommend to get information from Pensa about window and door systems before the construction process. Our expert teams are always ready to help you add value to your project. PVC door prices with the best quality and great advantages will both add value to your project and make you save on your budget.