uPVC Nasa Series

Pensa Nasa Series, which has the best quality features in PVC sliding door and window applications, allows the manufacture of all kinds of sliding system window designs with its special rails and frames.

Pensa Nasa expands the imagination of designers by bringing solutions to details that are very difficult to implement. Thanks to its adjustable metal roller systems manufactured in Europe, it provides the comfort of silent and easy opening and closing to windows and doors where it is preferred. It provides high insulation with specially designed EPDM and brush seals.

Locking system of Nasa series, which maximizes the security, offers the perfect solution for spaces where there is no opening sash opportunity, and provides wide viewing angles to narrow spaces.

Nasa Series Features

  • With its 3mm wall thickness and 3-chamber system, it allows the application of single, double glazing or panels from 4mm to 20mm. 

  • It enables the production of all kinds of sliding system windows with its frames designed as two-rail and fixed dividers.
  • In the sliding system, it provides the opportunity to move horizontally on the bottom or top as one piece, to make a fixed section without using a sash profile, and to use horizontal or vertical meeting rail in the sash.
  • Specially adjusted metal rollers provide comfortable opening and closing in a quiet way. EPDM and brush seals specially designed for extreme hot or tropical rainy climate zones have high insulation. While maintaining the coolness of the environment at its best, it doesn’t allow the entry of rain water.
  • The locking system used increases the security to the maximum level. Providing ideal solution even in narrow space applications, Nasa offers a wide viewing angle.

Color Options

Anthracite Grey, Fumed Oak, Gold Oak, Cashew, White