uPVC Window

The Name of PVC Window: Pensa

Pensa, the brand of Sudan who gives its name to the windows. Innovations that complement modern architecture in PVC window systems are found in Pensa. We are the brand followed in our industry in Sudan with our innovations in PVC window systems. While developing our window models, we aimed that the products will be used for many years without deformation in climatic regions with intense sunlight. With our use of profile raw materials, we prepared our products for performances above 40 C average temperature in Sudan. We have carried the same endurance quality understanding to the accessories we use in PVC window production.


We strengthened our profiles with our reinforce sheet application. We aimed to fully close our window sashes with our espagnolette lock system. Thanks to this system, we prevented the hot air from entering in and the cool air cooled by the air conditioner from escaping out. We prevented the sand from entering and damaging our furniture during the sandstorms that are frequently happened in our country at certain periods. We contributed to extend of the life of the furniture. We completely stopped the air passage with the special PVC window gasket. We have integrated aesthetics with our window handle accessories. We added comfort to opening and closing process.



PVC Window prices will make you save as you use it

Pensa branded  PVC window prices will make you earn as you use it. You can be sure that you will be able to use our window models that we produce with our expertise in Pensa for many years. When evaluating window prices, we recommend to make a comparison with the products which have the same properties. The most important factors affecting the price of PVC windows are hidden in the technical specifications as in every product. It isn’t possible to measure series with different profile widths or wall thicknesses in terms of price.


First of all, Pensa PVC window has the best profile wall thickness as it is produced specifically for the climate of Sudan. It provides the opportunity to use without deformation under intense solar rays and moisture for many years. It is not affected by hot weather and doesn’t become deformed. It retains its hardness as if it is a day at ordinary average temperature. The special reinforce sheet placed in the profile increases the product strength to the best level. Full length espagnolette lock system and special gasket system provide great support to the insulation. This system prevents unnecessary energy use by keeping the air cooled inside by devices such as air conditioners. It prevents heat from outside. It saves your energy expense budget with less energy consumption compared to similar ones. The double glazing system used in the PVC window allows the interior cool air to be more permanent by preventing possible heat bridges. It also stops energy loss by preventing the entrance of hot air from outside.

Earn as you use, not only once, with PVC window prices by choosing Pensa products. Get it once, use it for many years safely. Pensa windows will make you save both with its long-lasting use endurance and energy savings it provides. Experience the insulation advantages of Pensa window both in your home and in your workplace. Coolness will be reflected from Pensa windows day and night in your homes and workplaces.

PVC Window Pensa Lüx Series for those looking for the best


With the best insulation performance in high temperature climates, Pensa Lüx Series PVC window system brings beauty to Sudan’s new modern buildings. A wide variety of window combinations can be successfully designed and prepared with the Lüx series thanks to the special profile thickness. Pensa PVC window Lüx Series stands out with its diversity of detail profiles. Window quality is complemented with modern and high quality accessories. It provides the best solution to customer demands with threshold and non-threshold doors that allow opening to both directions, and standalone sourceless arch applications. Bringing innovations to window expectations with its double sash opening, Pensa Lüx also offers the advantage of double opening.

With the advantage of double opening, you can half-open from the top of the window thanks to the help of the vent without having to open the sash completely. The interior can be ventilated easily thanks to the vent opening. This system adds a different dimension to the window opening and it is used by housewives gladly.

Real economy in PVC window prices: Pensa Premier Series

Pensa Premier Series is the choice of those looking for advantages in PVC window prices with long-life of use and insulation advantages. Premier Pensa has gathered quality superiorities and aimed to meet the window expectations in residences and workplaces in the best way. With its rich detail profiles and quality accessories, it offers all the features of the Lüx series with economic advantages.