Office Furnitures

Let your workplace meet comfort with Pensa Office Furniture


A working person spends most of the life in offices. As such, it is very important to prepare efficient work environments by making the time spent here convenient and comfortable. If the most important item of the office working environment, office furniture, is not chosen properly, working can turn into a torment. Therefore, quality, aesthetics and usage ergonomics should be found together in the selection of office furniture. No matter how the furniture without ergonomics has the high quality, it cannot prepare us healthy working environments.

In the previous years, great importance was given only to appearance in the selection of office furniture. However, modern designs have promoted the ergonomics of use as well as the quality and appearance. The ergonomics offered by the furniture model make human body relaxed and create an extremely comfortable working environment. Conscious managers prefer especially the most suitable office furniture model for body ergonomics, together with quality and aesthetics in order to increase work efficiency.

Why is office furniture choice important?

If a business person has to spend most of his/her day in closed office environment, then furniture selection becomes very important. When we sit for a long time, the office furniture model that offers the most harmonious ergonomics for our body becomes prominent. The right office furniture makes both our body and mind relaxed with the comfort it provides while working. At the same time, it relaxes and makes a significant contribution to the visitors who come to our office to leave with a positive impression about our workplace.

With the right choice of office furniture, work fatigue is left behind, and productivity and working performance are optimized. As Pensa, we reflect aesthetics and quality as well as ergonomics in the workplaces to all of our office furniture models.

What is office furniture?

When it comes to office furniture, the first thing that comes to mind is a beautiful work table. The size of the office table reflects the title of the user. While preparing a spacious working environment with its colors and models, it leaves a nice impression on the visitors. Armchair and chair are another important part of office furniture. The secretary or executive armchair can be adjusted, it can be raised or lowered, and it relieves the user with its rotating system. Guest chairs are preferred with a rotating system in the senior managers’ room. Fixed chairs and guest chairs are preferred in lower-level work areas and small spaces. In the meeting room chairs, rotating and adjustable models are preferred for different users to offer convenience for the environment.


A beautiful center table is an important detail that complements the beauty in front of the office table. With the quality of the armchair and the table, the harmony of the set is reflected on the center table and the appearance comfort is added to the space. Another office furniture is working cabinets. The cabinets are prepared with door or in open-shelf model according to the place of use. Cabinets are very important for business bookshelves and the arrangement of folders. The harmony of corporate identity colors in color preferences is supported by Pensa expertise and integrity with the brand is guaranteed.

How to choose office furniture?


The first things to do when choosing the right office furniture are to determine all working areas in the office and to plan the employees. This preliminary preparation will make a great contribution to you when choosing the right office furniture according to your space and number of employees. After this stage, it is very important to buy the right furniture for the ergonomics of all workplaces as well as the functional use and the environment where the employees can do their jobs comfortably inside. It is possible with your choice to make your office more noticeable within your industry and audience. For example, in offices with rooms with narrow spaces, more minimized and light-colored furniture should be preferred. If possible, models with open front panels should be selected. Engraved patterns reflecting different lines in wider and brighter spaces can be preferred according to your taste.

What makes office furniture prices vary?

The quality of materials and accessories used in production are among the important factors determining the price of office furniture. Together with this, workmanship is an important factor affecting the price. For example, while wood furniture with high level of workmanship is more expensive, the prices of ready-made panel office furniture produced with next generation technologies may be more affordable. Before the price, be sure to consult the experts of the subject and get information about choosing the most suitable furniture for your office. Pensa is ready to provide you the best support for choosing the right furniture with its expertise in office furniture models.  

Working tables, special chairs, coffee tables, study cupboards and the most outstanding accessories for office furniture are special for you with their quality and ergonomics.