Tips for turning your kitchen into a more stylish one

The most important area for women is probably the kitchen. Almost all of their days are spent in the kitchen. Most families today don’t use the kitchen just as a place to cook. At the same time, the kitchen is now a place where the family gathers. Meals are prepared and at the same time, we eat by gathering around the table in the kitchen with our family. We make conversations and imagine things. Thus, the kitchen turns into a special place where the family often comes together during the day.

On the other hand, is this place where we spend so much time every day really decorated as we desire? Is it giving us relief or is it oppressing or suffocating? Let’s talk about some touches to make your kitchen more stylish.

You can transform your existing kitchen into a new one or add a layout that suits your style by making some touches. Sometimes the replacement of a kitchen cabinet or counter can turn your kitchen into something completely different. First of all, the space can be turned into quite spacious with a stylish look by bringing together the right items compatible with each other in the kitchen. However, using decorative products can be very beneficial in terms of complementary beauty. For example, even a special model you choose in a vase or seasoning bottle can make your kitchen outstanding.

Ease of cleaning and long-lasting usage expectations are effective in the architectural design trends of modern kitchens. First of all, we recommend to make a decision on your style. It is very important to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the individuals who will use it in kitchen design preferences.

You can match your kitchen furniture with the color of the wall.

As in the other rooms of the house, the furniture-wall color match also applies to the kitchen. You can make take the first step for a change by matching the kitchen wall color to your kitchen cabinets. The harmony between the two of them will make your kitchen look more vivid, bright and spacious. Otherwise, it will be disharmony and this vitality will disappear. In order for your kitchen to be brighter, you should pay attention that it receives sufficient daylight. Kitchens that don’t get enough daylight and are illuminated by electrical fittings can become boring over time. At the same time, as you won’t be able to ventilate sufficiently, your kitchen may have heavy odors over time. When you match the wall colors to the color of the kitchen cabinet, you will have the feeling that your kitchen is more spacious. Of course, when we say harmony, we mean that you need to choose the right wall color. In order for your kitchen to look both spacious and harmonious, you should prefer more light colors in the wall paint color. You can provide comfort with the choice of light colors such as beige, turquoise, ecru and ice white (especially white) on the kitchen cabinet, furniture colors and on the wall. You can turn narrow kitchens into more elegant and bright with the colors and kitchen accessories that are in harmony with each other.

When you want to renew your kitchen cabinets and counter, we recommend to get support from companies such as Pensa, which produce kitchen cabinets. These companies make the best suggestions to you by scouting in your place. With design support, you can easily have the most beautiful kitchen decoration that you will use for many years. 

Vitalize your kitchen with the right lighting

In addition to important details such as kitchen cabinets, accessories and wall paint, the choice of kitchen lighting is also extremely important. The choice of the best lighting fittings will give your kitchen a spacious environment in the evenings as it is during the day. The brightness of the kitchen, where we spend our time very often, will give us comfort. For a calm mood in the kitchen, you should pay attention to avoid shadows or darkness in work areas. Lighting fittings placement can be done accordingly. In bright kitchens, it is quite easy for women to prepare delicious meals by showing their talents better, which will make the family happy. Again, the point that needs to be considered in lighting is the maintenance of the color harmony of the fittings and kitchen furniture. You can achieve more vivid appearances in your kitchen by using white and daylight lighting together. In addition, you can get better lighting with LED lighting applications under counter and cabinets. 

Don’t overwhelm your kitchen with unnecessary accessories

Another important point in the kitchen is the use of accessories. Sometimes you can place a vase in different corners of your kitchen, sometimes a flower or a different gift. So how well are these accessories harmonized with the place where they are placed? Large sized overwhelming accessories will always be an obstacle for the spaciousness of your kitchen. For this reason, you can refresh your kitchen by finding a place outside of the kitchen for an accessory you care about. If your kitchen is of standard size or in a fairly small and minimized area, we recommend using smaller accessories. You can choose smaller seasoning bottles instead of jars specially designed for large kitchens. They take less space and free up space in your kitchen cabinets. Choosing the dinnerware and cutlery pack according to the size of your kitchen will make your job much easier.

Keep the materials you use in your kitchen cabinet within the distance you can reach easily.

Another point to be considered in the ergonomic use of kitchen cabinets is the placement of the materials. When placing kitchen equipment, placing the items taking into account the frequency of use will physically tire you less. For example, plates, pots, cutlery sets that are constantly used should be placed in easily accessible cabinets. This will make your work area comfortable; you may not be aware of it, but it will also increase your talent. Other areas may be preferred for equipment that aren’t used for a long time. 

Pensa Kitchen Expertise is at your side

Whether your kitchen is large or small, it is possible to decorate any kitchen with the best use. Don’t sink into desperation with the thought of, ‘My kitchen is small anyway, what more can be done?’   Pensa Kitchen Expertise is at your side. You can simply get in touch when you want to add a new style to your kitchen.