Wall Covering

Wall Covering application is the modern face of the offices

Wall and ceiling covering applications that customize homes, offices and office environments beautify the spaces with a stylish touch. It makes places appropriate with its extremely vivid appearance. It prepares both natural and stylish spaces. Modern wall covering materials are applied with the expertise of Pensa furniture and the perception of space is changing. 

With the importance regarding interior decoration, wall coverings change the air of the interior and make a great contribution to the creation of your dream spaces. Even the oldest places become more beautiful and attractive. You can reflect your style by shaping new wall panels according to your taste with a wide range of products, colors, patterns and applications among Pensa wall covering models. We make various panel applications, especially the MDF coating, which is applied with the frame method and direct application alternatives, with our expertise in Pensa.


Wall covering prices are determined by variables such as panel preference, product dimensions-model and design features. Thanks to the wall covering systems with wide application areas, you can order different pattern applications suitable for your style in certain parts of your home according to your liking. You can create backdrops behind your TV unit or turn the back wall of your bedrooms into a different style. You can make your study and office rooms richer and more comfortable. You can add comfort to hotel lobbies and make your shop windows more noticeable by choosing a beautiful wall covering model.

Best Solution for Indoor Wall Covering


Pensa wall covering offers the most beautiful and decorative solution for interior decoration applications with different panel sizes of 30x30, 30x60, 60x60cm. Living rooms and other special areas meet the comfort of the most aesthetic wall covering application in residences. All kinds of office rooms, especially the manager rooms, are covered with Pensa expertise and gain a modern look. While manager rooms reflect the capaciousness appropriate for the power of the office, boss rooms make companies more institutional and secure.

With its modern and innovative style, wall coverings are the most important part of interior decoration. MDF wall covering applications bring harmony to the interior together with comfort. With the ease of maintenance and cleaning, the spaces always reflect the attractiveness.

How to Choose Indoor Wall Covering?

As in every field, expertise is important in interior coatings. A good wall covering application starts with a good design. Design is also a matter requiring expertise. Pensa reflects the elegance and beauty in the interior walls with original designs prepared professionally, regardless of whether it is large or small. The unique designs are integrated with the success of the application and the office rooms gain value. 

Skillfully applied to the living rooms of the houses, the outstanding products bring the new comfort of life into the home. It gives peace by clearing the atmosphere.

While decorating your home or workplace, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the richness and expertise of Pensa Wall Covering. Pensa is ready to assist you in choosing the best decoration with its innovative ideas that will beautify your space.