What factors should we pay attention to during window selection?

First of all, the PVC window and door system has been widely used in European countries for more than 50 years. In Sudan, it is getting widespread recently. It is not difficult to predict that the usage areas will become more widespread as the window models become well-known. The reason is that PVC window has an innovative system. There are important advantages such as compliance to modern architecture and long life usage and energy savings it offers to the buildings.

In this article, we will mention the points to be paid attention to when purchasing PVC windows. How should you perform the maintenance for a PVC window? What do you gain with PVC window prices? We will try to find answers to questions like this.

Cooler homes and less electricity use with PVC windows

We should be aware that the losses due to insulation in a house or building are mostly caused by wall insulation depending on window preference. By choosing the right window, you can keep the interior of your home or office quite cool even in broiling hot weather. When you purchase a PVC window from a company specialized in this industry, you will have the chance to catch the best profile thickness and application mastery. This makes you save as you use thanks to the energy conservation. You can cool your home in a short time by operating your air conditioners, fans and similar cooling devices very little. You can significantly reduce your monthly electricity expense budget by spending energy barely. Studies conducted in Europe showed that the use of PVC double glazing windows reduces air conditioning devices such as air conditioners in residences and workplaces by 30%. This reduces the energy consumption of residences, workplaces, schools and hospitals by 40% to 50%.

The use of double glazing in the PVC window provides extra advantage in energy savings

Price of double glazing application is also included in the PVC window prices. By preventing the thermal bridges between the two glasses, double glazing contributes greatly to keeping homes and workplaces cooler. At the same time, it protects the privacy of your home by not allowing sound transmission.

PVC windows are long-lasting and it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Among the window models, wooden windows are widely used, but both maintenance and workmanship are very difficult. You need to apply paint and similar maintenance regularly. You need to protect it from humid and rainy weather. For example, even the moisture water that may drip from the air conditioner can cause the wooden window to rot in a short time. However, PVC windows aren’t affected by water and moisture. It doesn’t require maintenance such as paint. It is very easy to clean. Dirt and dust are easily removed with a damp cloth and it immediately gains the vitality of the very first day. It doesn’t wear over the years. PVC windows are used for many years.

Wood and metal windows begin to rot within 5 to 10 years if you don’t perform periodic maintenance, such as paint. In this case, you may have to change your windows continuously within an average of 10 years. When you make the first purchase at PVC window prices, you don’t have to deal with maintenance costs over the years you use. PVC window prices makes you gain as you use. It works out its cost within two years, with both maintenance costs and savings in energy use. 

Expertise in PVC window is important

Another important point to be considered when purchasing PVC windows is to choose a company with an expertise in its field. It is right, PVC windows are long-lasting and highly insulated window models. However, it is possible to achieve these advantages with the right applications. Even if the best material is used, air circulation can occur in the windows because the correct workmanship application is not performed. If the sealing isn’t fully made, this circulation may increase even more. After all, the cooled air in your home or workplace flies away. Even if the air conditioners and fans work continuously, they are insufficient. 

Have the sash opening maintenance done regularly

As in every window, there may be misalignment due to misuse over time in the sash opening in the PVC window system. For this reason, it is useful to have an expert make the adjustment of the sash in possible misalignments. Alternatively, you can do the sash adjustment yourself at certain intervals by simply learning it yourself. Sash maintenance will make you save from your energy costs by preventing possible air entrance through window spaces. We also recommend to use the handle in your window sashes with a vent (double opening) application by rotating the handle exactly. If you always take care to turn the handle completely, you will prevent any deterioration of the window sash adjustments.