Why to choose PVC Window and Door System?

PVC Windows Beautify Our Home

There are important details that complement the beauty of a home. For instance, can you imagine a house without windows? Even the question seems meaningless, right? Of course, we can’t imagine a house without windows. If there is no window, we can’t consider it as a house. Here, the window is an important design detail that complements the beauty of the house. It is designed sometimes tiny, sometimes largish Some are opened to the left, some to the right. White or multicolored. But no matter how it is, it is the beautiful window of our house where we look at the glaring beauty of the outside. Sometimes we are lost in thoughts when looking at the horizon from it, and sometimes the window becomes a bridge into our beautiful dreams. 

Now here we will talk about the PVC door and window system that adds value to our house and makes it beautiful with each model. First of all, PVC window was developed to bring design richness to modern architecture and to bring it together with long-lasting, smooth windows. With its special profile thickness and reinforce sheet application, it never loses its form even in the hottest weather. PVC window and door preserves the vitality of the very first day for many years with its special paint that penetrates the profile during production. It doesn’t require periodical maintenance such as painting as in wood and other window models. Cleaning is extremely easy. It can be easily cleaned by washing or wiping, and transformed into its first-day vivid appearance. Generally manufactured in white color, PVC windows and doors are also manufactured with special color coating for different designs and expectations. With its white color, it offers a special solution to the liking of those looking for natural colors with wood and similar color alternatives. It beautifies the windows of the houses and brings them together with comfort.

PVC window can be designed with single or double sash opening. A third or fourth ventilation sash can also be made. Sash opening can be turned into double opening with the system called vent. The vent double opening advantage offers the normal full opening of the window and the V-shaped half opening when desired, allowing very easy ventilation.

Best insulation performance in PVC Window

PVC window system brings comfort to homes and workplaces with its insulation performance. It prepares a quiet and noise-free environment for you when the window is closed. Double glazing application is used in the PVC window system. The double glazing system prevents the thermal bridge and completely closes the window to possible air passages. The cool environment created by air conditioners or similar devices in hot weather is preserved for a long time with the high insulation in the PVC window system. The hot air created by the sun outside is also prevented from penetrating inside. The special gasket system used in the sash opening completely prevents the air circulation from these areas. With its impermeable system, it doesn’t allow sand to enter the house in sandstorms that we often experience in certain seasons. By preventing the entrance of sand and dust, our furniture always remain new without getting dirty. It also contributes to the protection of our domestic privacy by preventing our voices from going outside.

What PVC Doors and Windows bring to our house

  • It increases the value of the windows of our house by adding beauty.
  • It can be used for many years with the vitality of the very first day.
  • It doesn’t require maintenance, e.g. paint
  • It maintains its form even in hot weather
  • With its high insulation, it contributes greatly to maintain the cool environment.
  • It supports the protection of the privacy of our home by preventing sound transmission.
  • Cleaning and maintenance is very easy. It is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • PVC window prices always make you save with its high insulation and long-lasting features.