A101 Faac Photocell Door

A101-Faac-Photocell-DoorA101 Faac Model photocell door was specially produced with the expertise of Pensa using Italian technology to introduce comfort to the entrance doors of places such as business centers, hotels, public buildings. A101 photocell door works with an automatic opening and closing system with sensors, without the need to touch them by hand. It opens practically for transition and when the transition is completed, it closes itself safely without any action.

Pensa Faac photocell door model occupies very little space at the top with its elegant automation box size and with its superiority of functional use. With its elegance, it facilitates architectural design applications and contributes to the spacious environment. It allows single or double sash opening applications.

Pensa Faac A101 Saves Energy

As soon as the transition is completed, the automatic closing system is activated and Faac A101 photocell door saves air conditioning energy by preventing the outflow of cool air provided by air conditioners and fans.

It has the best operating performance in all kinds of usage environments. Also with optional applications, the battery units are activated in case of a possible power outage and automatic opening-closing continues for 30 minutes.

Thanks to the special adjustable opening and closing time setting, it is the perfect door solution for those who prefer it. With the control panel management, the position and operation of the door can be tailored depending on the special demand of the business. FAAC provides the best security to the user with photocell door safety equipment. Its quality has been proven with its automatic locking feature and tests against theft.

Normal Mode: When photocell warns, it becomes activated; the door isn’t locked when it is closed.
Door Open: Door opens and remains open.
Single Direction: In places requiring security, the door is operated in single-direction mode, it can be activated to open the door only with interior sensor detection.
Night Mode: Night mode activates electronic lock system.
Manual Mode: Sashes are free and can only be moved manually.

Equipments Used in FAAC Photocell Door Motor and Electronic Lock, Control Card, Wheeled Carrier System, Mechanical Emergency Release Arm, Protection Cover, Gear, Belt Power Transmission Unit, Smooth Sliding Panic Exit System, Battery that allows the door to be opened in case of power outages.

Pensa A101 Faac Model Photocell Door Technical Specifications

  • Long-life Italian Technology
  • Automatic opening - closing system
  • Closing system adjustable to 0 to 60 seconds
  • Microwave and infrared radar opening sensor
  • Safety photocell (Preventing the risk of jamming)
  • Button control
  • Door gap to 3 meters
  • 1.4 m/sec. double sash opening speed
  • Practical use by hand in emergencies and power outages
  • System that prevents dust from entering the environment with the use of quality aluminum profiles, special cords and brush