Photocell Door

Italian Technology in Photocell Door at Pensa

Produced with Italian technology, Pensa Photocell Door models bring usage ergonomics and comfort to the entrances of commercial workplaces. The photocell door has the perfect system that enables the door to be opened automatically to the right and left with the ease brought by the sensor detection automation.

This perfect system, which is also called as sliding door, provides a very practical comfort of use to crowded entrances and exits, such as business centers. The movement of the door is carried out with a motorized rail system that occupies very little space on the door prepared with the new generation Italian photocell door technology and adds value to the spaces with its aesthetics. The silent operation of the door automation preserves the tranquility of the environment.


Shopping Malls, Hotels and Hospitals Meet the Comfort of Photocell Door

With the new generation photocell door system, many commercial businesses such as shop and store entrances, shopping centers, hotels, schools, hospitals, banks, public buildings or business centers meet with comfort. With the automatic door system that can be opened and closed automatically in heavy entrance and exit traffic, entrances and exits are done with a very practical use.


Apart from the high-endurance aluminum carrier main profiles, all other parts of the photocell door are prepared with a glass system and the inside and outside of the building can be easily seen without any restrictions. While the glass system makes the entrance of the building extremely bright, it is easier for people walking outside to see and perceive the interior easily. The opening and closing process of the door is carried out in the most practical way with the system operating in a very serial manner. In addition, as the photocell door moves to the right or left, it doesn’t occupy extra space in the areas where it is used.

While other classical door models open to the inside or outside, it narrows the space and makes it difficult to pass in both directions at the same time, while the photocell sliding door system provides passing in both directions without the need to hold the door.

Photocell glass door system for cool interiors

The special sensor at the top of the door operating system is placed in both directions (inside and outside), and only when something approaches to the door at a certain distance, it moves to the opening. With this advantage, when there is no need for the use of the door, the door remains closed continuously. When needed, as soon as the passing is completed, open door closes immediately with automation. There is no need to deal with opening and closing before and after entrances/exits. This automatic opening and closing system also promotes photocell glass doors with energy savings. Since the system provides automatic closing, the door isn’t left open unnecessarily. The air cooled by devices such as air conditioners or fans inside doesn’t escape regardless the door remains open. The area always stays cool. In business centers where photocell door model is used, unnecessary operation of air conditioners and energy consumption are prevented. It makes a great contribution to the savings in the flat expenditure budget by decreasing the energy costs.

Controlled passing ease in Pensa photocell door

Photocell door system can also be activated single-sided if desired. The single-sided system is produced according to customer demands in businesses where free access from outside is not allowed. This is preferred in places such as hospital emergencies, embassies, schools or government offices. Entrance permission from outside is only provided with permission under the control of the security guard inside. In this system, the door opens automatically again. The door opening is activated by the employee inside pressing the button specially placed within the scope of the project. As soon as the entrance is completed, the door will close automatically again. Single-sided system provides extra protection in official duty offices requiring security.

Entrances and exits can also be performed with a security card or password entry system. The door can be made special for the use of authorized personnel only by making identification to them in the operation of card and password protected photocell doors. This system is preferred in areas such as hospital emergency short stay and observation units, operating rooms, laboratories, public institution private archives and duty areas, and embassies where entrance is restricted. In the glass system special for these areas, instead of transparent glass, the frosted glass system that transmits light but limits the view can also be used.

We recommend you to check the automatic glass door models, each of which is produced by Pensa expertise with Italian technology. Please check the advantageous Pensa Photocell door prices, where the best quality and technical support is offered, and get information.