Membrane Covering Kitchen Cabinets

Since membrane kitchen cabinets have a plastic-based PVC coating, they are among the long-lasting models. Membrane PVC consists of a wide variety of alloys. The presence of plastic does not make it harmful. Membrane kitchen covers have an alloy that is clinched with a hot press by including the tape corners on the mdflam surface. Due to the nature of the material, membrane kitchen cabinet covers can be prepared in different colors and patterns. Matte, glossy and wooden-looked membrane kitchen cabinets are available. This reveals the diversity of the membrane material.


Advantages of Membrane Kitchen;

  • It is one of the rare cabinets approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Compared to most other models, the price of the kitchen cabinet is more affordable.
  • There are many different color and pattern options.
  • Its surface is smooth. It is stain and finger print proof.
  • It is very diverse. Therefore, it is very difficult to distinguish different membrane kitchen cabinets.
  • It is suitable for classical models.
  • It is one of the durable and long-lasting kitchen cabinets.

To Extend the Life of Membrane Kitchen Cabinet;

  • The membrane in kitchen cabinets shouldn’t be exposed directly to external factors such as foil sunlight.
  • It should not be exposed to water and moisture too much.
  • Direct contact from UV rays and solar rays should be prevented.
  • Since different patterns are used in its construction, using detergents and chemicals during cleaning can deform membrane kitchen cabinets.