Tuba Sliding System

aluminium-tuba-surmeThe practicality of use added by the lightweight raw material of high-level of durable aluminum meets the brightness of the glass, and the wonderful Pensa Tuba aluminum sliding door and window system has emerged. Indoor areas brightened and freshened.

The Tuba Sliding system, in which the opening and closing is carried out with a left-right movement, doesn’t need any extra sash opening area. With this feature, it provides ease of use in narrow spaces and provides more visibility to large but closed spaces.

Pensa Aluminum Sliding Doors and Windows make the dreams of those looking for a bright interior come true with a large number of color alternatives that appeal to different tastes such as anthracite gray, fumed oak, white, silver and bronze, with its durable quality, elegance and wide window applications. Moreover, it comes with the many outstanding advantages of the Tuba sliding door and window system, which was designed and produced with the expertise of Pensa. Tuba sliding model satisfies the users with its durable feature that doesn’t wear out easily. It preserves its form without being affected by extremely hot weather. With the European-origin special connection mechanism rail system, it can be opened and closed safely in a very practical way. With the expertise of Pensa, it is produced by designing a special dimension for the space to be used. It provides spaciousness even in the narrowest spaces. Thanks to its special sealing system, it doesn’t allow the heat outside to enter in and the interior coolness to escape.

Why don’t you make your living spaces more comfortable by choosing Tuba aluminum sliding doors with superior features?

Color Options

Anthracite Grey, Fumed Oak, White, Silver, Bronze