UV Series Steel Door

The most beautiful houses are opened through this door




The products that offer the best security and comfort in steel door models are UV door models. UV gold and fumed oak steel door color alternatives stand out with its safety as well as its endurance to sunlight. Even in the scorching solar rays that last all day long in Sudan, UV steel door models can be used for many years without deformation. It preserves the brightness and vividness of the first day in long term use.

In our UV products, we produce steel door model alternatives including single wing opening with 100cm width and double-sided opening of 120, 150 and 180cm. The interior of the steel door is equipped with steel wire and has the best security application with high impact resistance. The outer oak surfaces are specially laminated on both sides, and it is a steel door model that is attractive with its aesthetic appearance inside and outside of the house. Opening alternatives are diversified by using weldness-adjustable hinges in our door models.

UV Series Steel Door Technical Specifications
Door Frame

  • The steel door frame is made of 2mm galvanized steel.
  • It has an adjustable frame.
  • 18cm - 24cm wall thickness
  • Special manufacturing over 24cm.

Optional Applications

  • Tuana & Wooden carcass coating is optional.
  • Decorative aluminum coating is applied to the door frame. The door wing
  • It is made from 1.2mm, two standalone sheets
  • It has surface laminate protection through galvanized steel special UV steel sheet (special patented system)
  • Front surface modeling system is made of polyurethane filling of 42 density.
  • Hook lock system
  • 3 fixed safety pins
  • Hidden safety clips
  • Special stainless 70cm tubular door handle
  • Luxury peephole
  • Weldness and adjustable hinges
  • The surrounding of the door wing is designed with a special anodized aluminum.
  • Optional 8mm special MDF front surface can be made.


  • 8mm Laminated MDF Front surface can be made