Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding

Pensa Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding System


With the silicon glass facade system, one of the most commonly used cladding applications in modern architecture is the Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding System. In addition to the important advantages of aluminum such as its high endurance performance in extreme hot or cold climates, the value it adds to aesthetic applications has also engaged the attention of modern architecture. 

Pensa Aluminum Composite Panels are covered with durable aluminum plates on both sides and the interior is filled with a special-density white polyethylene material for high insulation. In the cladding application of this panel, the outer surface is prepared with aluminum composite plates in alternative colors. Pensa Aluminum Composite panel cladding system offers unlimited opportunities for architects and designers who develop aesthetic projects built in modern architecture for outstanding and unique building drawings.

Aluminum composite panel cladding is preferred in prestigious projects

Together with its widespread use in exterior cladding as well as its ease of application in interior wall decoration, Pensa composite panel cladding stands out with its numerous advantages such as its endurance, lightness, flexibility, flat surface application fain, ease of application of different building models. With its advantages listed, it has become the most preferred cladding model in prestigious building projects worldwide.

Superior properties in Pensa Aluminum Composite Cladding system

It has a double-sided panel system with a special thickness of 1.2 mm, which is covered with a timeless, durable aluminum plate. The outer surface of the aluminum plate in the exterior in metallic, solid and special effect color is covered with a fluoropolymer varnish with a special firing system, resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays. With its PVDF surface coating properties, it has been made suitable for the highest usage performance in exterior applications of the composite panel.

Together with the special paint application, the material strength of aluminum ensured that the panel preserves the surface color without deterioration, especially in extremely hot climates exposed to intense sunlight.


Pensa aluminum composite cladding system has facilitated the application of detail designs that add aesthetics to building projects. Sensitive folds, intrusions and protrusions that form the details on the facade are shaped in a special machine system and applied on the facade.

Introduce your project with Pensa composite cladding application and become the winner

Pensa aluminum composite exterior cladding application adds value to your building with its smooth surface and aesthetic elegant appearance. It raises your project to a prestigious buildings group with a wide variety of panel color alternatives. Together with its high endurance, the lightness of aluminum makes your building safer by creating little burden on your building. While maintaining its aesthetic appearance with its outer surface endurance, it provides saving by use with the gain it provides from cooling energy with its insulation superiority. It contributes to privacy by reducing both heat and sound transmission coefficient. Thanks to the highly economical Pensa composite cladding prices, it lightens your building financing budget burden. It is eco-friendly with its 100% recyclable feature. It protects human health ecologically.

If you wish your building project to be used for many years, choose Pensa Aluminum Composite exterior cladding applications and add value and prestige to your building.