Silicone EF-50 Curtain Wall Stick System

EF-50 Silicone Curtain Wall System is the aesthetic face of modern architecture 

The buildings are covered with EF-50 Silicone curtain wall system, and the aesthetic structures of modern architecture emerge. The high strength of the aluminum profile and the timeless face of the glass come together in the silicon facade system, the buildings become more beautiful and gain quality and value. When viewed from the outside, the magnificent appearance of the multi storey high-rise buildings gives peace to those who use them indoors.

As Pensa, we add value to the projects we carry out with aluminum and glass facade systems thanks to our expertise. EF-50 Silicone Facade Curtain Wall is one of our prominent applications in modern architectural facade. In Pensa EF-50 Silicone Facade system, an aluminum profile with a section depth of 50mm can be applied vertically without the need for extra notching. With this silicone curtain wall system, cladding applications progress rapidly with easy workmanship, gaining projects on exterior silicone prices with budget savings.


Pensa expertise with you in Silicone Facade applications

Pensa is with you in silicone facade applications with its expertise and exterior production technologies created as a result of years of experience in the construction sector. Pensa facilitates your projects with its expert support given your building investments at the project stage and helps you to create more modern and aesthetic buildings. We suggest the most suitable facade solution for your project and expand your perspective with sample works.




It offers the most appropriate design for your building with EF-50 silicone facade. After you approve the project, it moves to the production stage with its synchronized teams and ships the pre-produced silicone facade blocks prepared in lines equipped with new-technology machines to your construction site and covers the outer surface of your building with professional assembly teams. The outer surface of your building is covered in a short time with Pensa silicone curtain wall system and made ready for use.

The endurance of aluminum and the timeless face of glass are on the Silicone Facade

In Pensa EF-50 silicone curtain wall system, glass with special thickness is used in aluminum profile cassettes. Long life aluminum material, which doesn’t become deformed over the years, meets with special glass with its timeless face, and gives high level of endurance to the exterior cladding of building projects.

Special accessories choice for the facade system, seamless fast manufacturing in new-technology machines, the safe system where the glass fully grasps the profile with condensate channel system are all together in Pensa EF-50. Pensa silicone facade system carries out the applications in horizontal or vertical silicon covered, outward opening vent sash features with expertise.