Aluminum Curtain Wall

Silicone Curtain Wall Systems

The nobility of glass is reflected on modern buildings with the Silicone Facade System
Thanks to the silicone curtain wall systems, we bring together the elegance of aluminum with the shine and beauty of glass and reflect it to modern buildings. With our expertise in Pensa, we design the most preferred silicone facade system in projects that stand out worldwide, and produce it with our new-generation technology, bringing it together with the most modern buildings in Sudan. Silicone glass facade system adds quality to the buildings and offers aesthetics.

Our Pensa silicone facade system is prepared by using double heat glasses of the highest endurant thickness and mounted on specially equipped aluminum cassette profiles. In this new-generation silicone facade system, which is placed on special carcasses created on the facade of the building, mounting proceeds easily and quickly. In other words, the exteriors of the projects are completed in a short time without the need for an extra application, and the exterior reaches the enviable beauty with its facade appearance. With the use of special gasket cords applied to the junctions in our silicone cladding system, the building gains extra insulation. Technological fast production and easy mounting advantages are reflected in silicone facade prices, making the facade model very affordable compared to other classical coating models. 


 It has a section depth of 50mm. It is possible to apply vertical without notching the horizontal profile. It has easy workmanship and economical features. With the condensate channel system, exterior application has been carried out in different alternatives such as silicone facade, vertical lids, horizontal silicon, horizontal lids, vertical silicon facade, folding sash, outward opening vent sash.


In the silicone system, the aluminum profile where the glasses are fitted is hidden and cannot be seen from the outside. The insulation between the glass panels is provided by using the EPDM cords system. Possible shadow formation between glass panels is prevented by not using any other equipment Thanks to the hidden aluminum frame in all panels, even the folding leafs create a flat surface that cannot be understood if they can folded or not. The connection between aluminum frame and glass is provided with silicon. The double glazing in the glass frame is connected by using component silicon between the two glazing. In Pensa silicone facade system, the best quality long-life silicones are preferred.

Silicone facade application flexibility, flat surface, and solutions that allow different design applications provide convenience for the designers in their unique works on modern architectural building projects.

Advantageous Benefits in Pensa Silicone Facade Systems

Pensa silicone curtain wall system adds a modern and aesthetic appearance to building projects in unique architecture. It prepares working environments that offer employees undefinable peace of mind with the broad light it adds to the interior. Thanks to the reflective glass system that filters the incoming sunlight, it helps to keep the interior cool even under the light and saves energy from air conditioning costs.

Silicone facade prices offer the investors a significant amount of saving in building budgets compared to other cladding applications while being extremely magnificent from outside and sustaining the benefits of very bright place in the interior. With the ease brought by the new-generation facade technology of Pensa, assembly progresses very quickly and it reduces labor costs at the best rate. It doesn’t allow for possible workmanship failures with its detailed solutions. It is the safest application model even in adverse weather conditions such as extremely hot climate, heavy rain, sandstorm.