Aluminum Office Divider

Pensa brings a modern look and comfort to offices with Aluminum Office Divider System which it produces with its long life endurance, bright surface shine in different colors and material quality. The completely natural featured aluminum material we use in the office divider is the best choice for protecting human health in indoor working environments. It adds aesthetics to the indoor environments where it is used together with glass, while contributing to the efficacy of the staff with the ergonomics created by natural and correct light transmittance.

Aluminum Office Divider Gorsel

The aluminum profile and other coating surfaces used in Pensa office divider system have been dyed resistant to ultraviolet (UV) using a special heat treating firing technology that never loses its shine in metallic, solid and different effect colors. It increases the comfort of use by reflecting the best appearance aesthetics to the indoors as well as outdoors in divider applications.

Aluminum office divider with the use of glass adds natural light to the indoor. The narrowing caused by the division creates a pleasant working environment by refreshing the environment with a non-covered view angle provided by the glass.

Choose modern office dividers, don’t let your office become a worksite

The modern office divider system can be installed without interfering with the daily workflow in your workplace, even during the application with the ease of practical installation that takes a very short time. When you need a new room at your workplace, you can immediately contact Pensa office to request exploration and pilot projects. Pre-production starts in modern facilities after you approved the project which is specially prepared for the area to be divided in the workplace. The pre-produced aluminum divider is shipped to the place where it will be assembled in your office and the installation starts. At the time of installation, it is made ready within minutes by being screwed to the existing tiled or parquet floor without damaging the wall or ceiling. As soon as the installation is complete, your new room becomes ready for your use. Immediately experience the comfort of aluminum and glass divider system without dealing with plaster or paint.

This new generation system dissolves the unwieldiness of divider systems which are made by using bricks or similar construction materials with classical applications. When the dividers in the classical system are used, workmanship such as walling, plaster, paint and coating that lasts for days transforms your working environment into a construction site, completely ruining your entire work order and negatively affecting your productivity. While the noise caused by wall work in your working environment lasts for days, dust covers everywhere. Aluminum office divider system has a new generation system that doesn’t require construction applications such as plaster, paint and coating with its special painted glossy surface and natural looking glass applications.


Saving in all aspects in office divider system


Aluminum office divider provides saving with the advantages of production style and workmanship compared to classical dividers. Aluminum office dividers are produced with the most appropriate material selection and modern techniques without wasting. Since it does not need plaster, paint and extra coating applications after application, it saves you money by reducing your expenses drastically with the savings it achieves completely from workmanship.

In the new generation aluminum office dividers, the best insulation performance is achieved with the use of special gaskets that eliminate air permeability to the glass junction areas.

This system saves energy by operating the devices preferred for indoor air conditioning less in very hot weather and reducing energy consumption.

Flexible Application in Office Dividers

New generation office divider system has the advantage of flexible application that doesn’t harm neither to the floor nor to the ceiling. This can be used by disassembling from its screws and handles or stored for future use especially when the need for divider disappears. Moreover, it can be recycled by being sold at the value of eco-friendly aluminum material.

Let your workplaces flourish and meet with comfort with first quality flexible aluminum divider wall systems that add value to work environments. Take the control of your budget with advantageous Pensa Aluminum divider wall prices and prepare yourself spacious, capacious and aesthetic work environments.