Glass Office Divider

Glass Office Divider

The glass office divider system is designed to divide the large-space open working environments into sections specific to the use of more employees, while preserving the current width and brightness. Glass helps the natural passage of bright light with its natural transparency, while it doesn’t let in the noise outside the room and prevents the conversations inside from being heard from the outside. Thanks to the full noise dampening, employees in different room divisions have the comfort of working in a bright but calm environment without disturbing each other with their voices.

Pensa brings comfort to your offices with the most affordable glass divider prices by using the highest quality products in glass divider applications that provide unique comfort privileges for your working environment.

The glass used in our glass divider system, which is applied from the floor to the ceiling in the indoors, is nonbreakable and has been developed and produced specifically for the system. The profiles used in the glass stops and carriers in the divider are preferred from aluminum material; they are also long-lasting, mildew-proof, rot-proof and don’t lose their form.

Let your showcase meet your customers with the Glass Divider System

Glass divider system is the modern face of sales offices. With the naturality of the glass, all areas such as sales offices, shops, shopping malls, markets, cafes and restaurants are brightened, and the attractive products inside meet with the customer’s taste thanks to the showcase that can be seen from the outside. The glass divider system acts as a showcase in the shops and draws customers inside with its appealing charm.

Pensa glass divider system, brings exterior windows and interior divisions of your shop with the brightness of the glass by leaving behind the bulky wall systems like bricks. With this innovative system, you can easily showcase your products to those who look at your store from outside and present them to their taste. Your customers see, like and choose the products you’re selling before stepping inside and then buy the products.

The light is under your control with integral blinds double glazing

An important innovation applied in the glass divider system is integral blinds double glazing. In this system, you can control the visibility of your private room from outside by placing blinds between specially prepared double glazing. In practice, it is connected through the aluminum profile that holds integral blinds double glazing, and the mechanism placed in this profile can be turned on or off with a practical rotating arm which can be controlled from inside the room. With this system, you can make your room invisible from the outside or turn it into translucent at any time by using the blinds control button.


Aluminum profiles offered with alternative outstanding colors, special movement mechanisms and connection equipments used in Pensa glass divider system are produced in Europe and they can be used safely without wear and need for maintenance with their long term use feature. For translucent light applications, frosted glass can be applied to some areas in the glass wall.

Divider application specific to your place

Glass divider system, which is produced in modern facilities by designing in dimensions special for your space with the expertise of Pensa, adds a modern appearance and value to your workplace. We are at your side with our expertise to beautify your workplace with glass divider applications in special dimensions and designs in a short time and with affordable glass divider prices.


Glass dividers can be produced in standard-height building and shop facades, as well as in applications such as business centers and hotels which have higher entrances with a height of up to six square meters.

Measuring the dimensions of the facades to be applied in the glass divider project, it is recommended to use the most appropriate material according to the purpose of use, considering the customer demands and Pensa expertise. The glass thickness that should be used with the glass model is made clear at the project stage and presented to our customers together with glass divider prices. Pensa carefully carries out the divider applications, which it completes with its expertise in the industry, together with the quality of materials and accessories, in order to meet the expectations regarding the best comfort of use.

When evaluating glass divider prices, we recommend our customers to take into account the quality and technical features of the material to be used, the quality of accessories and carrier profiles, company expertise and warranty applications.