Shutter System Automatic Garage Door

Manufactured with the use of 77 steel cover class in high security, Pensa shutter garage doors stand out with their practicality and modern appearance. It offers ease of use and comfort with its automatic controlled system. Along with residential and workplace parking areas, stores are widely preferred for warehouse doors.

Shutter System Automatic Garage Door

With the ease of use provided by the controlled system, you can easily open and safely close your garage door without getting out of your car. Likewise, you can easily open the doors of your workplaces with the help of a remote control while approaching your store.

The automatic shutter door system, which doesn’t allow outside interferences, sun light or sand dust, provides the best protection to your vehicles in your parking area, while preparing a spotless environment in your store. It provides to keep the products you sell clean.

Special channels and other parts are extremely safe against unwanted interference from outside with the use of premium quality materials, along with steel cover glass with shutter door system specially produced for stores and garage doors. The electrostatic paint system specific to the product can be used for many years without maintenance.

Automatically controlled doors with shutter system are manufactured with the expertise of Pensa by choosing the motor with the most ideal power according to the dimensions of the application area. Micro-perforated steel cover glass is also used depending on customer preference.

Add value to your garage and store with automatic shutter doors

Although the automatically controlled louvered door is lightweight thanks to aluminum and high-strength steel profiles, it is extremely durable. It makes your garage door, workplace or store door comfortable with its aesthetics. It adds extra value to your workplace with its stylish appearance when closed. The box in which the motorized shutter is rolled can be placed inside or outside. The placement to the outer part contributes to the interior space not being narrowed, especially in stores. Since the shutter is designed with specially shaped slice gaps, it is produced in a way to occupy the least space during rolling. For this reason, the rolling area is designed to occupy minimum space.

Shutter System Automatic Garage Door

The steel cover glass panel system garage doors of Pensa don’t allow corrosion with their steel cover glass and aluminum fittings, providing the door a long life that can be used safely for many years without being deformed. Stainless steel and aluminum always maintain their novelty for many years without being deformed. The metal friction areas are minimized considering the use conditions of opening and closing the garage door and it has been raised to the usage level without wearing out for many years.

Meet Pensa expertise in automatic garage doors with shutters, bring your place together with quality with doors that work with the best performance in materials, motors and automation.