Sliding Iron Door System

Sliding Iron Door System

The sliding iron door system, which brings comfort to garage doors and garden doors together with confidence, adds aesthetics to the entrance of your building and adds value. Each of which being designed and produced with the expertise of Pensa, appealing to different tastes, garage door systems are special for you.

Sliding iron garage doors are prepared for home offices where the garden is also used as a parking area. Garage door models provided with an automatic system including an opening and closing control have ergonomics of use. Sliding rail garden door models are very practical to use with their special rail and wheel system.

Pensa garage door, endurance of iron, aesthetics of wrought iron

With its expertise in door and window systems, Pensa transforms the iron processed in the best way in the sliding garden garage door models produced with the best quality into wrought iron with aesthetics. With wrought iron garage doors, you can safely leave your home and enter peacefully. What makes your home different can be felt immediately with Pensa iron garage door models and special decorative applications. The houses where the garage door is mounted gain a new look. It adds extra elegance and aesthetics to your home. Protect your car by preparing a safe parking area with Pensa wrought iron garage doors. It adds comfort to your garden both in vehicle entrance and at guest entrance.

Our garage door model functions as both a garden and a garage door when the garden is also used as a parking area. With the main door opening sash, a door with a smaller opening can be manufactured on the left or right side to make pedestrian use more practical in cases where there is no car movement. For garage doors used only for cars, single-door models are often preferred.

In automatic garage door models, a special quality motor system that operates with an electrical system is used without any problems for many years. There is scarcely any energy consumption by the system. You can open and close the automatic door at any time by using the remote control that offers comfort of use without getting out of your car.


In cases of power outage, these automatic controlled doors have the ability to be easily opened and closed manually by taking into manual use.

Our garden and garage door models working with automatic system operate on the rail line placed on the ground surface. This rail system is made of durable metals and has the ability to be used without requiring any maintenance for years. Since the rail system is buried under ground level, possible tripping or vehicle wheel friction are prevented. 

Automatic door motor system, flasher, safety photocell, remote control are used by being selected from outstanding products with the expertise of Pensa in our sliding garden and garage doors. Don’t decide on your highly decorative and beautiful appearance, quality, long-lasting garage and garden door needs without checking the safe door models manufactured by Pensa expertise.