Aluminum Handrail

Quality and aesthetics are together with Pensa Aluminum Handrail Systems

Aluminum is a very light metal in weight, with its enormous endurance superiority. In this respect, it is especially preferred in the production of many important vehicles, including aircraft. It is also widely used in aluminum handrail systems, of which this advantage has been discovered in the new era building sector. Together with its durability, it doesn’t wear out and its stainless feature has made it one of the most important metals preferred in handrail applications. Intense moisture or water contact will never deform the aluminum even in hot weather. It always preserves its vitality from first day and meets the application areas with never ending aesthetics.

Aluminum Handrail and Railing Systems are the most preferred handrail system with its decorative visual quality added to the modern architecture and its long life endurance with no need for maintenance.

It is also very rich in terms of preferred areas of use. Aluminum handrail is applied in many areas such as stairs and mezzanine railings, balcony and terrace railings, garden walls, walking areas and pool sides.

As with other models, aluminum handrail can be used with glass or plexy applications. Among the models in the aluminum railing system, there are different options such as round, prismatic square or plexy.

We recommend you to get information from our sales offices for comfortable handrail prices that add value to the projects with their ergonomic use.