Aluminum Handrail Systems

Pensa Handrail Systems

Handrail Systems is an innovative system that is often preferred in today’s interior and exterior applications and adds quality to the spaces where it is used. We often see that handrails are preferred in field applications such as stair railings, open terrace protection covers, balconies, building entrances, mezzanine guards. While the handrail provides safe protection or holding comfort in the area where it is used, it also adds aesthetics to the space with its beautiful appearance.

Handrail models applied with Pensa expertise include Handrail System with Glass Stop, Stainless Steel Handrail, Aluminum Handrail and Square Handrail models. Each of the handrail models add elegance and value to the areas where it is applied with its bright and vivid sparkling appearance, as well as endurance, confidence and durability.


The applications carried out with the use of glass and aluminum handrail models add the building a more institutional appearance. In addition to the robust and durable raw material properties of aluminum, its lightness makes it possible to carry out the safe railing application in a way that doesn’t create an extra weight load on the buildings.

Aesthetic handrail system reflected on the railings


With connection equipment and accessories made of aluminum and stainless material specific to the building style, handrails are used as railings for security purposes in main building entrances, mezzanine platforms, balconies and terraces, stairwells and platforms. With its aesthetic appearance that integrates with the place where it is mainly used for the purpose of railing, it gives the feeling that it is an indispensable part of the place in which it is applied. The question “What is handrail?” is answered by saying that it is making balconies, stairwells, terraces, or mezzanine clearances safe by providing safety in these places considering the main purpose of use, but the aesthetic appearance comfort it brings to the place should be added into this description.

Pensa railing and handrail prepared in different color alternatives by painting the aluminum profiles in the desired colors are projected with a special concept design for the building. Handrails prepared with measurement, connection equipment and accessories in Pensa factory facilities according to the desired project are shipped to the assembly area. It is applied at the last stage of fine craftsmanship with the skillful hands of Pensa masters, bringing the spaces together with aesthetics and quality. 

It will also make you happy with the prices of aluminum handrails produced with Pensa quality.




Advantages of Pensa Handrail

  • Handrail makes places such as building entrance corridors, stairs, terraces, mezzanines, balconies and pool sides safe for long-lasting use. Increases the value of buildings with rich visual quality appearance
  • Long-lasting durable materials are used in every part of the handrail, and it doesn’t need renewal maintenance. Dust can be removed easily with a damp cloth and it immediately regains its bright appearance of the first day.
  • Handrail doesn’t allow corrosion that causes fading and rusting.
  • It doesn’t rust and also resistant to corrosion.
  • It doesn’t create additional load on buildings with its high level of endurance and light raw material structure.
  • With its rich model variety for different usage areas and tastes, it makes easier to choose.
  • Together with the general railing function, the handrail adds aesthetics to the interior and exterior.
  • With its full transformation feature, the handrail is completely eco-friendly for a sustainable environment. It doesn’t contain any harmful substances to human health by nature. It protects even children who cannot stand still on the balcony, terrace, pool side or stairs.