Glass Holder Handrail System

Among the handrail models, the glass handrail model, which is called Railing Systems with Glass Stop due to the glass material used in the curtaining panels, stands out with its aesthetic design and stylish application model. It adds spaciousness to the places with the use of durable glass, special to the model. Laminated and tempered glasses with 17.52 to 21.52mm thickness can be used in our glass handrail model.

Laminated glass system is manufactured by combining two separate glasses with the use of factory-special processes. It just cracks even in case of breakage, but doesn’t allow passage to the other side. Thanks to this feature that doesn’t leave its place, it is used in laminated glass railings, especially in field applications such as terrace and mezzanine clearance, with its fall-preventing feature that means it doesn’t fall apart even when it is broken. Tempered glass, on the other hand, is the glass system used in automotive production technology. As it is known, when it’s broken, it doesn’t harm the human body by crumbling away. Tempered glass handrail applications are mostly preferred in areas such as balcony or apartment entrance which are close to the floor. When considered in general, although they’re structurally separate, glass handrail applications performed with both glass models give the same aesthetics with their appearance.

Provided with completely safe aluminum profile, Pensa new-generation handrail and glass holder carrier system meets with the buildings for eco-friendly safety thanks to the naturality of glass and its recycling feature. Application areas of the glass handrail model with aluminum profile holder include many building projects such as business centers, luxury management office buildings, hotels, hospitals, airport halls and residences. It provides unlimited visual quality in application areas such as stairs, mezzanines, balconies, terraces and pool sides, regardless of indoor and outdoor spaces.