Square Handrail

It is named as Square Handrail with the square appearance of aluminum railing profile structure outside the round. It offers an important alternative for those who prefer square handrail design applications, instead of round. With the use of square handrail plexy, models with glass pillars are also designed and produced. When the classiness of the square profile meets the elegance of the glass, extremely comfortable and outstanding spaces are created. Numerous holder accessory equipments make it easy to use glass applications in this model and create very nice combinations.

It makes application areas such as balconies, terraces and especially stairs safe and provides visual richness. Square handrail is preferred for both indoor and outdoor applications with its long life, no need for maintenance and corrosion-free stainless steel. With its light metal feature and together with its durability, aluminum square handrail doesn’t create extra load and contributes to the building structure safety.