Aluminum Shutter Systems

Aluminum Shutter Systems

Pensa Aluminum Shutter system is a long-lasting shutter model produced with aluminum cover glass in its main material. Being applied to the windows of houses and villas, it increases the life of the windows and therefore the house by providing full protection against UV solar rays and in adverse weather conditions such as dust caused by desert storms. The interior of your home stays cool while saving energy with thermal insulation by closing during the hours when intense sun light reaches the glass. With the comfort of use, automatic-controlled and manual practical use models are produced depending on customer preferences.

The interior of the cover glass used in window shutter systems is filled with polyurethane and has a highly insulated feature. Cover glass used is prepared in sizes of 55 or 77 depending on the place and dimensions to be used. In terms of shutter prices, the aluminum cover glass system without polyurethane filling can also be produced in the same usage quality.

Light is under your control with aluminum shutter system

You can open and close your from where you sit in your home with Pensa automatic control system. You can keep your home cool by closing the aluminum shutters at any time in the scorching hot days of Sudan and ending the UV solar ray entrance through the window glass. You can also achieve the same comfort with the roller-rope mechanism that provides practical opening and closing for manual shutter.

Pensa shutter also provides security and deterrence for the housebreakings that may be caused by windows in your home. Even if there is no curtain, it protects the privacy of your home with indoor use both during day and night.

Aluminum Shutter Systems2

In motorized shutters in automatic use, you can program the shutter to automatically open and close at the times specified with the time adjustment application depending on optional productions. If you wish, you can program the shutter to close automatically in severe winds and rain even if nobody is in the house.

Superior features in Pensa Aluminum Shutter

Produced by filling full density polyurethane into the profile during the special bending of the aluminum sheeting in the new generation roll form machine system, Pensa Aluminum Shutter has the best thermal and sound insulation. 

Superior features in Pensa Aluminum Shutter

The surface of the aluminum sheeting and profiles used for the product is coated with a special paint and has the best resistance to sun-fading, deformation and scratching.

All mechanisms and accessories used in aluminum shutters are selected from high quality materials that are durable for many years. Movement pillars and special cords that help the shutter movement prevent the shutter contacts with metal and ensure a silent movement, while preventing the passage of dust into the house.

It is the choice of those looking for comfortable products that work at the best performance in Pensa aluminum shutter system. If you want to add quality and comfort to your home with its body quality and automatic motion motor performance, we are at your side with our expertise.