Single-Block Shutter

Special appearance for outstanding places in Single-Block Shutter System


Applied with the window, the Single-Block Shutter system, is assembled from the interior together with the joinery without affecting the exterior architectural design of the buildings. It has been named as single-block because it is applied together with joinery. It is applied when the window is changed, regardless of whether the house or office is new, and it increases the quality and value of the building and provides a comfort for use. While adapting to all kinds of window systems with different color alternatives, it gives buildings a modern appearance with its insulation, aesthetics and comfort of use.

The main difference that distinguishes single-shutter system from other models is that it is completely mounted on door or PVC window profiles.

Since the box is located on the window or door, it doesn’t spoil the view by overlaying the wall. It has an extremely aesthetic appearance by almost integrating with the joinery applied thanks to the use of materials in the same color harmony.

Single-block shutter system offers the same advantages as aluminum shutter model. Protection against UV sun light, thermal insulation, energy saving, security and privacy protection are among the advantages of the model. Thanks to the automatically controlled opening and closing system, you can control the sun light entering your home at any time with the single-block shutters, and with the time-adjusted automation system, you can open and close at any time, even when you are not at home. 

Fitting perfectly with the new generation window and door systems, single-block shutter offers the best shutter alternative to modern architectural applications with its alternative colors and wood patterned coating options.


Advantages of Single-Block Shutter

  • It takes the harmful UV rays entering your home under your control.
  • It prepares a cool environment by closing the windows during intense sun. You can gain on your budget thanks to the air conditioning saving.
  • By preventing sun light from entering your home, it prevents your furniture such as salon set from fading and wearing out. It protects your carpets and curtains against the effects of fading.
  • It contributes to the interior privacy of your home.
  • It prevents unwanted intrusions from windows into your home.
  • It prevents the noise outside from entering the house and creates a calm environment.
  • It contributes to the architectural aesthetics of the building’s exterior appearance since it has no protrusions on the exterior.
  • It can be manufactured in coated patterns that look like natural wood patterns.
  • It has a comfortable use with its automatic control system. Even manual models can be used practically from the inside without opening the window.
  • It has high level of endurance and can be used for many years without being deformed.