Steel Shutter Systems


Steel Louvre and Shutter Systems are produced with special thickness steel sheeting and this shutter system provides the best security. With its special thickness steel sheeting endurance and carrier steel profiles, it is generally applied in high and large places such as garages and shops.

It adds a modern look to shop windows, garage doors, workplace doors where it is applied, while providing security protection with its impact resistance and strong appearance. The steel shutter system is the best shutter application in terms of security. It has also very comfortable use with its automatic controlled system. It makes life easier with the advantage of being able to open and close door by remote control without leaving the car, especially in garage doors.

Specially prepared for size with the use of 77mm cover glass, the spiral system works very quietly with the best holders and sealing systems. It can be produced with closed or perforated steel cover glass depending on preference of use. Perforated cover glass system is preferred especially for the closure of store windows. With the steel shutter in this model, even when the shop is closed, the products displayed inside help customers see the liveliness from the outside with the help of the illumination light. While protecting your workplace when it is closed, this system also increases your reputation by maintaining the function of the store window. Steel shutters can also be manufactured with polyurethane filled steel cover glass for the best insulation and maximum safety.  

It is very practical to open and close your store with the steel shutter.

The steel louvre and shutter system, where the quiet running long-life motor system is used, provides ease of use with its automatic remote control. With the remote control in your pocket, you can open the shutter of your store safely in the morning, and close it very easily in the evening. It provides double protection both with its safety and by not allowing substances such as dust to enter your products. In case of possible power outages, you can connect the controlled system to the power supply or generator and experience the same comfort of use. In cases where the electricity and the generator aren’t active, you can turn the manual use lock and open & close in a very practical way with the help of the arm.


Pensa steel shutter system has the best model with its special steel sheeting thickness as well as flat, flat micro-perforated, curved, curved micro-perforated and storm-proof in special thickness profile alternatives. Shutter systems produced with the expertise and quality of Pensa are at your side with their safe use in different areas such as supermarkets, stores, pharmacies, jewelery shops, banks, workplaces, shopping centers or garage doors.