Shutter Systems

Sun Light Under Your Control with Pensa Shutter System

With the quality assurance of Pensa, take the sun light under your control with the louvre and shutter systems applied to your windows and bring your home with comfort. Also enjoy the pleasure of controlling your window from your seat with the remote controlled motorized window shutter system. During periods of intense sandstorms, protect your windows and your furniture in your home against being worn out by dust, and let them remain as new and clean as the first day. Keep everything you don’t want away by providing extra protection for your indoor privacy.

Let the air conditioners operate less with the shutter system and let your home be cooler

With Pensa shutter system, which is produced with new generation technologies, it will be very easy to use air conditioners and fan-like devices that you use to cool your home in extreme summer temperatures with no or very little operation. By minimizing electricity costs, your energy budget expenses will be significantly reduced with the savings provided by the use of shutter. Both you and Sudan will win. By closing the shutters during a power outage, you will be able to achieve the same coolness by preventing the solar heating of your house through the window glass.

While you save energy, the exterior appearance of your home will become more attractive with the aesthetics of the window shutter system. The use of Pensa steel and aluminum shutters in the homes of Sudan is becoming widespread with the comfort of the coolness provided by the insulation which prevents the solar rays. The polyurethane-filled aluminum cover glass used in the body of the shutter system increase the interior coolness of the house by making an extra contribution to the thermal insulation.


Window shutter system tailored to every budget in Pensa

Window shutter systems produced with the expertise of Pensa include roller shutter models prepared for different budgets, each of which provides the comfort of coolness. The motorized shutter system integrated into the special electrical automation system can be easily controlled wherever you are in the house with the extra comfort offered by the remote control. It can be fully closed against the solar rays or for privacy you look for at night, or the heat of the sun is left outside by opening the cover glass intermittently and the interior of the house is illuminated by achieving the daylight. With the controlled system, it is very easy to open, close and open to the desired interval depend on completely your desire.

With the manual aluminum shutter system, you can easily open and close your shutter whenever you want, with the roped control mechanism left inside. Pensa’s special manual operating mechanisms are specially selected, they are very practical and easy to use.

While your shutter protects your home against harmful UV rays of the day, it is closed at night, making your home extremely safe. With our expertise in Pensa, we carry out applications specific to your home and your use with three different models in roller shutter systems. 

In addition to the systems called aluminum outside mount shutters, which can be preferred by those who want to install shutters to their homes afterwards; a number of model alternatives are offered for different needs with Single-Block Shutter Systems made of PVC that can be mounted zero-wall and mounted with joinery. At the same time, “ASAŞ Louvre and Shutter Systems”offers solutions in accordance with the place where it is used with different color and pattern (wooden-pattern and solid color) options. These models are Aluminum Shutter Systems, Single-Block Shutter System and Steel System Shutter model. When you want to mount shutter to your previously built houses together with your new homes, you can call Pensa and choose the best application for your home. You can renew the look of your home with aluminum shutters mounted to the windows of old houses. Add extra value to your home by choosing the single-block shutter system and applying shutter on Pensa PVC window joinery without protruding to the wall. You will find the most suitable color and quality shutter for your home at Pensa with white, wood-pattern and many solid color profile options.

Shutter systems produced with Pensa expertise and quality also have options suitable for your budget with their prices. Avoid the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays by choosing Pensa. As well as your privacy, protect your home from the noise coming from outside, the dust caused by sand storms which prevents breathing and insects. Bring your home with coolness, energy-saving and comfort thanks to the shutter.